Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Travel Tips

The National Day Golden Week is approaching. During this holiday, I believe that there will be many people who want to take the opportunity to travel, relax their mood, and relieve the pressure of life. In fact, this is very important for us to live a healthy and happy life. of. We advocate travel relaxation, and at the same time promote healthy and happy travel, which requires us to do enough “homework” before going out early. Now , Xiaoli from will tell everyone what to pay attention to when traveling .

1. It is best to buy a return ticket first

If you are traveling with a group, you will definitely not have to worry about the round-trip transportation, but if you are not traveling with a group, it is best to buy a return ticket first! The ticket will affect the holiday mood! If you are taking a plane, you should buy the ticket in advance, not only so that you don’t have to worry about coming back, and sometimes you can save a lot of money. Otherwise, when you play for a few days and feel very happy, when you want to come back and find that you can’t buy a ticket, it will be troublesome and very disappointing.

2. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables

It’s human nature to travel everywhere and want to taste delicious food from all over the world, which is understandable, but while enjoying the food, you should also be kind to your stomach! Energy consumption during travel is high, and some people need to travel long distances, It is best to eat less fried and greasy food, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to promote gastrointestinal digestion , and people will be particularly healthy.

3. It is best to choose a large travel agency

If you plan to join a group, you must choose a big brand travel agency. Generally speaking, big-brand travel agencies have more standardized management and high-quality personnel . In addition, some troubles caused by irregular travel can be reduced, and with sufficient protection, the journey will be more pleasant.  

4. It is best to have a small medicine box

Because of the need for short or long-distance transportation by car or boat , some people will not be acclimatized, or suffer from motion sickness, seasickness and other conditions. At this time, it is very necessary to carry a small medicine box with you. Cooling oil, motion sickness medicine, trauma wipes, etc. will not take up too much space, but it is very important when needed to ensure the safety of travel.

5. It is best not to wear new shoes

Some people will want to change themselves into a new set of clothes when they go out to travel, and want to give themselves a happy mood, but sometimes the discomfort of new shoes will make you feel particularly uncomfortable, even if the scenery is beautiful, you are not in the mood to watch it. , which will bring regret. It is recommended that you wear shoes that make you feel comfortable, wear hiking shoes for climbing, and hiking shoes for hiking, and travel happily.

  6. Don’t forget to use sunscreen

Sun protection is very important for both women and men. It is not only about tanning, but also the health of the skin. It is recommended to pay attention to sun protection when traveling, especially for friends who go to the beach. pay attention. Tips : When you arrive at your travel destination, try to walk or rent a bicycle to see the sights, take less taxis, and reduce the pollution of car exhaust to the environment. If you’re traveling by car, put a foldable bike in the trunk, get to your destination, and ride a bike instead. In this way, it is not only environmentally friendly, but also can exercise the body and feel the fun of the wild.

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