Tourism Industry

Tourism Industry

The significance of developing smart tourism to the tourism industry

The basic point of the development of smart tourism is a clear understanding of the development trend of tourism. Tourism is an information-intensive and information-dependent industry. Based on the integration of communication and information technology, smart tourism can effectively improve the management level of tourism enterprises. Tourism product innovation, optimizing the flow of tourism industry elements in the tourism industry, can attract more transaction entities to enter the market at a lower cost, expand market demand, stimulate industrial innovation, and increase the competitiveness of the tourism industry.

Smart tourism is oriented towards automation and intelligence, providing a technology platform for service innovation in the tourism industry. First of all, the platform mainly includes the latest announcements and policies issued by the government or authoritative tourism organizations, the latest preferential strategies released by tourism enterprises, the picture and video display of relevant information of tourism destinations, the design of the best tourism routes, the credit evaluation system, and the reservation and payment services. , complaint suggestion system, manual service, etc. These provide automated service systems and management systems for the tourism industry, and realize the seamless integration of tourism public management and tourism public services. Secondly, with the advent of the era of mass tourism, people’s requirements for tourism public services are rapidly increasing, especially self-help tourists and individual tourists, which are large in number, accounting for more than 85% of the total number of tourists, and have different needs. Smart tourism realizes the personalized customization of tourists and better meets the mass personalized tourism needs of the general public. In a word , smart tourism provides technical support for tourism product and service innovation, tourism enterprise management, and tourism element optimization. The construction and development of smart tourism will ultimately be reflected in three levels of tourism management, tourism services and tourism marketing.

Under the background that the state encourages and advocates the development of tourism, vigorously develop smart tourism, with the help of the Internet, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, in “Internet +” and “tourism +”, “supply-side reform” Under the drive of Beijing Jingchuangjourney Network Technology Co., Ltd. to join the creation of smart tourism cities A large platform, through the application of the QR code as the entrance, to provide the Chinese tourism market with intelligent management, software development, hardware integration, market operation and maintenance and other industrial chain network technology services to accelerate the intelligent process of China’s leisure, entertainment and tourism industries.

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