Festival Planning Book

Festival Planning Book

Tourism and Cultural Festival Planning Book

Tourism Food Festival

1. Purpose of the activity
At present, the development of tourism is accelerating, and tourism has entered the life of ordinary people. At the same time, there are many unobjective understandings of tourism, and people’s views on tourism need to be improved. As a characteristic major of Hainan University, the Tourism College holds a tourism culture festival, which can not only show the unique tourism culture of the international tourism island, but also enrich the cultural life of contemporary college students , experience tourism culture in person, and establish a correct view of the tourism industry, so as to understand tourism. , practice tourism. Let the current college students find the traditional folk culture that has almost disappeared on the university campus, and integrate it with modern culture .

2. The theme of the activity:

Taste the delicious food from all over the world and show the tourism style

3. The target group of the activity
All students and staff of Hainan University and some sister colleges and universities in
Hainan 4. Activities

1. Time:

2. Location: in front of the canteen

3. Process

Hometown Specialty Food Exhibition—-Selection and Awards—-Hainan Folk Food Exhibition

4. Detailed arrangement of activities:

(1) Posting posters and handing out flyers on campus two days before the event.

(2) On the day of the event, the venue will be arranged, and a registration reception desk will be set up in front of the canteen. All students who are interested in showing everyone their hometown special food can participate in the registration and production of food, and the materials will be provided by the canteen.

(3) The canteen chefs will be the judges, and the first, second and third place will be selected by scoring, and prizes will be awarded by the student union.

(4) Provide the prepared Hainanese folk food for the students to taste, so as to show the Hainan folk food culture.

(5) The staff will take photos and record the whole process, and the photos will be displayed after the event.

5. Preparation for the event:

Event posters, flyers, ingredients, top three prizes and registration souvenirs, Hainan specialty snacks

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